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Our Company, Products & Philosophy

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nzymSys™ is the groundbreaking scientific company that developed the product nzMold™. nzymSys uses proprietary and non-proprietary enzymatic technologies to develop safer alternatives to the traditional chemicals used in many consumer and commercial products. nzymSys products satisfy a wide range of needs, including all-purpose cleaning, indoor air quality, mold prevention and removal, industrial odor control, crop protection, harvest preservation and health and beauty. nzymSys adheres to the principles of Green Chemistry and satisfies Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) demands for safer products that are fully effective with little or no toxicity. nzymSys is truly at the forefront of developing safer products for the 21st century!

nzMold is the first of several commercially-available products from nzymSys. The product, for which a patent is pending, is used as part of a comprehensive treatment protocol for mold remediation and prevention by authorized distributors that are certified and recognized as mold remediation experts by the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQ), the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO). nzMold eliminates the need for harsh chemicals like ammonia, peroxide and bleach, decreases the need for demolition and downtime in most cases, and is the only treatment of its kind that is capable of offering a completion certificate and limited warranty.

nzMold distributors approach each customer the same way every time, using a 10-step treatment protocol. This comprehensive approach includes objective analysis of mold infestation levels by a leading independent laboratory, individual consultation to review options in a pressure-free environment, and a low-impact mold remediation process that is cost-effective and returns customers to a healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. Equally effective for commercial and residential applications, nzMold can help reduce liability and cost of litigation. Homes and buildings treated with nzMold show dramatic declines in mold spore levels that are confirmed by independent testing before and after treatment. All remediation projects completed by nzMold distributors are covered by a limited warranty.

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Mold Remediation & Prevention

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